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Petropipe Oil and Gas. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University. We are capable of supplying all grades of Steel Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves (actuated and manual), Spares for compressors, blowers, Pumps and other mechanical equipment ranging from shortage to back-to-backs. ESME FlangesOIL AND GAS ONSHORE/ OFFSHORE/ CHEMICAL:Flanges WN/ BL/ SW/ TH/ Orifice/ LJ/ Spectacle Plate Nozzles/ Reducing Flange/ Long WN/ Stub End BW Fittings from 24 to 60 SUBSEA:Compact flange/ Swivel/ API/ Anchor/ Misalignment J-Lay collars/ Buckle arrestors/ Hubs/ Clamp Connectors Custom made forgings Forged fittings, TEE, WYE FABRICATION:

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Use with air, water, oil, natural gas, and steam. Max. pressure:150 psi Temp. range:-60° to 450°F. Socket Weld Flanges Class 300 are designed for use with Schedule 40 or 80 stainless steel pipe, in applications with air, water, natural gas, and steam. The flanges are counter-bored to accept pipes before being fillet welded. Industrial Pipes, Valves and Fittings Forged Steel Pipe Browse our digital catalogue for nearly any industrial pipes, valves and fittings that you might need. Forged steel pipe fittings, industrial fittings and valves anything to build or maintain your operations. Major supplier of pipes, fittings, flanges and valves Latest Blog Post:Flanges - Maximum Allowable Working Pressure Learn More The LFF Group is a major supplier of pipe, fittings, flanges and valves in all material grades to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power and water industries around the world.

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PE 607:Oil & Gas Pipeline Design, Maintenance & Repair 10 Stainless Steel Pipe 300 series such as SS304 or SS316, the most used stainless steel pipes Steel contains chrome-nickel alloys, and corrosion resistant High price, used only in special applications such as: when the fluid, or environment is rather corrosive, Petro Piping & Fittings Supply Petro Piping & Fittings About Us. Petro Piping & Fittings Supply a specialist global supplier of world class piping products together with turn-key services & solutions, project supply management and consultancy to the leading names in the Hydrocarbons, Power, Shipbuilding and utilities industries. Petropipe Oil and Gas LinkedInSource:Cloughgroup Petropipe Oil and Gas #petropipefze #supplier #pipes #fittings #flanges #valves #epc #feed #engineering #procurement #construction #epcnews #oilandgas #oilandgasnews #lng

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Pipe Fitting Product Line UÊ > i>L iÊ À Ê* «iÊ ÌÌ }Ã Threaded Fittings Class 150 (Standard) Class 300 (XS/XH) UÊ >ÃÌÊ À Ê* «iÊ ÌÌ }Ã Threaded Fittings Class 125 (Standard) Class 250 (Extra Heavy) Flanged Fittings Class 125 (Standard) Class 250 (Extra Heavy) Drainage Fittings UÊ- > Ê-Ìii Ê ÌÌ }Ã Pipe Fittings & Steel Nipples - Pipe, Valve, & FittingPipe Fitting Product Line UÊ > i>L iÊ À Ê* «iÊ ÌÌ }Ã Threaded Fittings Class 150 (Standard) Class 300 (XS/XH) UÊ >ÃÌÊ À Ê* «iÊ ÌÌ }Ã Threaded Fittings Class 125 (Standard) Class 250 (Extra Heavy) Flanged Fittings Class 125 (Standard) Class 250 (Extra Heavy) Drainage Fittings UÊ- > Ê-Ìii Ê ÌÌ }Ã Pipe Fittings and Flanges - Petromen Home PageSuppliers for Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Oil Refineries, Fertilizers, Power Generation, On-shore & Off-shore rigs, Mining, Textile, Cement, Steel Mills. Pipe Fittings and Flanges Petromen is a regular supplier of Pipe Fittings and Flanges of various specifications, size, grade and materials.

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Serving the Oil Refinery Industry. From our International Warehouse Facility in Houston, TX, U.S. Metals supports refinery projects, turnarounds (TAR), and plant emergency shutdowns worldwide. Our globally recognized pipe, heater tube, valve, and fitting inventory includes: Pipe, Valves, and Fittings for Oil & Gas Industry WestlundAt Westlund we know Oil and Gas is not a 9-5 job. Westlund will be there! Where you need us. When you need us. 24/7. From project start up to MRO, from field to fabricator Westlund has the expertise to meet your pipe, valve, and fitting requirements. Westlund's strong investment in Pipe, valves and fittingsPipe, fittings, valves, actuators & process control equipment Building Design & Constructiondd 1 17/05/2017 14:00 +44 (0) 844 800 5509 [email protected] ABS Polypropylene Specialist pipes, fittings and valves engineered for a wide range of industrial applications including:Water treatment Chemical processing

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Piping components are primary building blocks for Oil & Gas industries. This FREE course will give you complete overview of different types piping components used in process piping. Inside the course you will learn about different types of Pipes such as welded, seamless, ERW; Pipe fittings such as Elbow, Tee, reducers, Caps, stub ends Products - Anvil International:Grooved Fittings, Pipe Oil & Gas Products. Nuclear, DOD, DOE Products. Engineered Pipe Supports & Snubbers Struts & Fittings. Seismic Bracing. Anvil Press Products. Commercial & Residential Valves. Industrial Valves, Actuation, & Controls. Field Services & Support. Severe Service Valve Trim & Repairs. Industries. Pipe Fittings Pipe Hangers & Supports Struts Socket Weld Fittings Supplier|Pipe - Petropipe Oil and GasBest Socket weld fittings supplier for oil and gas industries Socket weld fittings are a type of pipe fittings that are joined to the pipe into a blank area of fittings. These fittings are widely used in small pipe diameters mainly pipe with the valve or make any connection between two pipes socket weld fittings are used.

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TexPetrol, Inc. can provide a variety of types of Flanges types, such as Lap Joint Flange, Socket Flange, Slip-on Flange, Threaded Flange, Weld Neck Flange, and Blind Flange. These flanges are manufactured according with the standard specifications such as ANSI/ASME Forged Flange, B16.5, B16.47 A o B, MSS-SP-44, API Type 6A and availability to make with different material, which we can Used Valves & Fittings For Sale in Online Surplus Auctions All Listings > Oil and Gas > Valves & Fittings. New & Used Valves & Fittings Surplus For Sale (86) SUBCATEGORY. Oil and Gas > Valves & Fittings (86 Electric Motors, Stainless Steel, High Alloy Steel line Pipe, Fitting/flanges, carbon Steel line Pipe & More(2251 Items) Valves & Fittings. 2251 Items Qatar. Gate Valve, Ball Valve, Wellhead Valves & Fittings 24/7 Supplier to Oil & GasPositioned between manufacturers and suppliers, Valves & Fittings is a wholesale organization servicing suppliers in the oilfield & petrochemical markets. Since 1976, weve developed strong relationships with our customers and vendors and an inventory of quality products best suited to their needs.

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Petropipe Oil and Gas. 2. 100170, 56, Mirzo Ulugbek Avenue, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Email:[email protected]; [email protected] Tel:+998 55 503 00 55 , Mobile:+998 90 922 8555 Petropipe Electronic Valves Trading LLC. 3. Millenium Tower, Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (3rd Floor, Suite Number - 12) Email:[email protected]; [email protected]