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MACS (Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting)

One of the most important factors for successful in vitro fertilisation is an appropriate gamete selection. The main concern about the male gamete, the spermatozoon, is DNA fragmentation. This innovative technique allows a precise selection of non-fragmented sperm. It is based on the use of a molecule (annexin V) attached to magnetic microspheres, which binds to a marker (phosphatidylserine) present only in the membrane of sperm with fragmented DNA. Thus, when sperm go through a magnetic field, those who attach to the micro-spheres are retained and discarded.

The best results are obtained when this technique is combined with IMSI (IMSI + MACS). Such a combination allows for a preselection of spermatozoa based on the absence of markers for DNA fragmentation.

A second selection based on sperm morphology or, more specifically, on the absence of morphological alterations, is then performed. This technique is specially useful in the case of patients with poor sperm quality or repeated misscarriages and for those who have not achieved pregnancy after two cycles.