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Artificial insemination for Single Women, sperm donation

In Spain, single women can turn to a fertility clinic and achieve pregnancy by resorting to semen from a donor.

Sperm donation is an anonymous, confidential and secret process.

As with the women who donate eggs, sperm donors must fulfill a series of legal requirements which include a full serological analysis to discard sexually transmitted and infectious diseases, a personal and family medical record that discards hereditary diseases and a psychological and intellectual profile acceptable for the purpose at hand.

In the case of single women who do not have their own eggs (menopause, premature ovarian failure, etc.), the alternative would be to resort to egg and sperm donation or to embryo donation.

The donated embryos come from couples whose assisted reproduction treatment has led to an excess of embryos, which were first cryopreserved and which they then decided to donate. As with gamete donors, the donors of embryos must also meet the above-mentioned legal requirements.