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Intracytoplasmic morphologically-selected sperm injection (IMSI)

We are proud to be the first clinic introducing this technique in the Region of Murcia. It consists in selecting spermatozoa by using a much higher-than-usual magnification (up to 12.000-fold instead of the usual 400-fold), so that sperm selection is performed at its best. In other words, the best spermatozoa will be used to fertilize oocytes during the IVF process, eliminating so the deleterious effects of a defective spermatozoon upon the production of a viable embryo.

The use of this technique is very promising technique to solve cases of male infertility and, particularly, those where an appropriate selection of spermatozoa represents the difference between IVF success and failure.

When infertility is caused by a male factor, cases to be treated range from low sperm count in the ejaculate -which also influences sperm motility and morphology- to cases where sperms have to be collected directly from testicles due to obstructive reasons (bilateral agenesya of deferent ducts, vasectomy, blockage in seminal ducts, etc.) or secretory problems (limited production of sperm at germline, infections, cancer, etc.). This method of sperm collection makes the prediction of pregnancy outcome difficult, since the viability of most of this sperm is altered and, thus, its capacity to create a healthy embryo reduced.

With the purpose of increasing the chance of success in the above cases, IMFER has implemented IMSI – Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-Selected Sperm Injection, a high-resolution imaging system that allows to select unaltered sperms and improve live birth rates in assisted reproduction. IMFER takes the lead in using this most innovative technique, so becoming one of the first centres in using this technology in Spain