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International Coordination. IVF with donor eggs.

Certain patients need to resort to egg donation from young, fertile women for different reasons: either they do not have enough eggs or their eggs are of insufficient quality or chromosomally altered.

In Spain oocyte donation is a legal, anonymous and confidential procedure. Neither the donor nor the recipient may know each other’s identity.

The egg donor undergoes a hormonal stimulation with the aim to perform a follicle puncture. When the eggs are mature, they are removed from the ovaries and fertilised in the laboratory with the sperm of the recipient’s partner. The resulting embryos will be transferred to the uterus of the recipient.

What is the procedure?

First consultation: You can call us for a first consultation (in the clinic or by videoconference) which will take place in about fifteen days from your call. If you decide to come to Murcia, one of our gynaecologists will carefully study your case and the results of the tests and treatments you have previously done. He will give you detailed information about your treatment and will customize your protocol. We prefer to use fresh sperm for fertilisation. However, during the visit a sample of the partner’s sperm will be taken and frozen in case it is necessary due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Finding a donor: After your visit we begin to look for a matching donor. All our donors undergo a strict selection process which includes several interviews and different medical and gynaecological tests to check that their state of health and fertility is excellent. They are also tested for any genetic, infectious and sexually-transmitted diseases. According to law, they must be between 18 and 34 years of age. Nevertheless, in our clinic the average age is 22-24 years. We give priority to those donors who are mothers or whose eggs have helped other women to become pregnant and to those who have higher education.

Once a matching donor is found, we will get in contact with you to program the transfer, which will take place in about one and a half month time from that moment. This period of time, necessary for your preparation, will allow you to book time off work and plan your stay in Murcia.

The synchronization: The synchronization is probably the most delicate part of the donation. For the embryos to be able to implant in the uterus, the donor and the recipient must be at the same stage of their cycles on the transfer date. This is achieved by stopping the recipient’s ovarian function for some time, so that the natural hormones produced during the menstrual cycle do not interfere with her preparation. You will follow a customized protocol for the optimal preparation of your endometrium.

Through this process you will be in permanent contact by phone or email with your coordinator, who will answer any doubts or questions you may have.

Last stage: egg retrieval, fertilisation and transfer. As the date of your donor’s egg retrieval approaches, we will contact you to give instructions about the schedule and the way to deliver the sample of fresh sperm that will be used to fertilize the oocytes. Embryo transfer is a fast, painless procedure which requires a one-hour stay at the clinic. It is carried out in the sterile environment of an operating theatre, but no anaesthesia is needed. Soon after you will return to your hotel where you will have to lie down and rest until the following day in the afternoon, when you may leave.

There are several reasons why we prefer you to stay in town or in the surrounding area for about 8 days: this allows us to control fertilisation as well as to select the best embryos to place all chances on your side. Besides, it enables us to schedule the treatment in advance and so to reduce the stress you are under.

Coordination internationale:

Charlène Rigaudy
Coordination internationale

Fabiola Mwaba Kalaba
Coordination internationale

Charlène Rigaudy
Fabiola Mwaba Kalaba

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