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First Consultation

The first step for any treatment is a first consultation. This consultation can take place in our clinic in Murcia, or it can be done by video conference with Skype or simply by phone.

In the first case, during your visit to the clinic, one of our gynaecologists will carefully study your case and the results of the tests and treatments you have previously done. He will give you detailed information about your treatment and will customize the protocol for your particular case.

For those patients who must travel long distances, we have considered the possibility of a video conference to avoid travelling for the first consultation. In this case you should undergo a number of medical tests in your country and fill out a questionnaire especially designed to obtain all the information related to fertility matters, as well as all the documents necessary for your medical history.

You will fill out and send your medical record by mail; our medical team will study it carefully and then we will give you an appointment for a Skype interview. During this interview you will be able to talk to the doctor in charge of your case, who will comment on the test results, your clinical condition and your chances of success. The doctor will ask you specific questions and will explain the treatment process and protocol in detail. You will be able to ask all your questions exactly as if you were in person in the clinic.

During the treatment phase taking place in your country your coordinator will be always available to transmit the information related to the results of your scans or blood tests to the doctor in charge of your case. She will also answer any additional questions or issues.

All cases will be studied and discussed by the medical team during their weekly meetings so that you will have the opinion of the gynaecologist in charge of your case as well as that of the clinic’s medical team.

International Coordination:

Charlène Rigaudy
International Coordination

Fabiola Mwaba Kalaba
International Coordination

Charlène Rigaudy
Fabiola Mwaba Kalaba

Phone Clinic: +34 968 282 866
Foreign patient number:
+34 670 393 753 (mobile)
+34 673 706 495 (mobile)

International Coordination Office Hours: from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
We are available for patients under treatment at any time.